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About Pictures of Images

The concept of Pia Schöttke "Pictures of Images" is based on the one hand on the question of how a mere object (picture) becomes a meaningful image (image), on the other hand it deals with the contingency of the gaze and image-theoretical approaches and ultimately wants to represent that our perception is a reflection of our knowledge, our culture, identity...our selves.


What do you see? - The contingency of the gaze


There is an active process behind the process of seeing, because the interpretation is manifested in the viewing. This knowledge about the world, accumulated experiences, longings and desires are projected onto the viewed object (picture) in the process of seeing. Only what is anchored in the treasure of consciousness can be perceived.


With abstract photography, the photo artist Pia Schöttke would like to show the versatility of perception and seeing and to work out the subjectivity of the concept of truth.

An image is, in its matter, a simple object. It is only by looking at it that it acquires its value in the form of meaning, since it is understood and interpreted in a certain way.

Contextuality plays a fundamental role in the concept of Pictures of Images.

In this way, details of everyday life are decontextualized through abstraction, and the viewer supplements what is perceived in the picture through associative processes to create a subjectively meaningful image. In this process, the viewer is confronted with himself, his logic and culture, and in understanding what he sees he represents himself, his identity. Last but not least, the material glass also plays a fundamental role, since the viewer is reflected in it and thus also becomes a physical part of the picture.


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